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          Cool AC series - tialcrn coati

          Tialcrn (chromium nitride aluminum titanium coating) introduces chromium on the basis of aluminum titanium nitride, which further improves the adhesion between the coating and the substrate, and effectively overcomes the defects of the original aluminum titanium nitride coating, which has high hardness but large internal stress, so as to make a new breakthrough in ultra thick PVD coating. At the same time, the surface particle size of the coating decreases obviously, the surface defects such as droplets are reduced, and the arrangement of surface atoms is more dense. Moreover, the temperature resistance of the coating is also improved.

          ProductCool AC seriesCoating nameTialcrn chromium aluminum titanium nitrideCoating colorPurple gray

          CharacteristicWear resistanceImpact resistanceCorrosion resistanceHigh temperature resistance

          Film thickness( μ m)Maximum film hardness (hv0.05)Standard friction coefficient for steelMaximum applicable temperature (℃)Coating structure
          1~645000.31200Monolayer, composite, nano